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Dream Theater Score - 20th Anniversary World Tour 2006

Aca otro disco de mi banda favorita conmemorando sus 20 años ... muy bueno !!

CD1 -

01. The Root Of All Evil
02. I Walk Beside You
03. Another Won
04. Afterlife
05. Under A Glass Moon
06. Innocence Faded
07. Raise The Knife
08. The Spirit Carries On


CD2 -

01. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
I. Overture
II. About To Crash
III. War Inside My Head
IV. The Test That Stumped Them All
V. Goodnight Kiss
VI. Solitary Shell
VII. About To Crash (Reprise)
VIII. Losing Time/Grand Finale

02. Vacant
03. The Answer Lies Within0
4. Sacrificed Sons


CD3 -

01. Octavarium
I. Someone Like Him
II. Medicate Me
III. Full Circle
IV. Intervals
V. Razor's Edge
Encore: Metropolis


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Dream Theater - Octavarium (2005)

Hay les dejo uno de los mejores discos de Dream Theater... la mejor banda de Metal Progresivo disfrutenlo....!

1. The Root of All Evil – 8:25

* VI. Ready
* VII. Remove

2. The Answer Lies Within – 5:33
3. These Walls – 7:36
4. I Walk Beside You – 4:29
5. Panic Attack – 8:13
6. Never Enough – 6:46
7. Sacrificed Sons – 10:42
8. Octavarium – 24:00

* I. Someone Like Him
* II. Medicate
* III. Full Circle
* IV. Intervals
* V. Razor's Edge


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Alex masi - In The Name Of Bach

Lovers of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and the guitar should check out Italian guitarist Alex Masi's In The Name Of Bach. Forget enjoying Bach's pieces only on violin or keyboard, this CD is all guitar. Masi performs the majority of the 15 pieces on Manne Semiacoustica guitars (acoustic), but four of the pieces feature Masi blazing through prestos, toccatas and fugues on Rostrum electric guitars. One selection, "Presto From Violin Sonata #1 in G Minor BWV 1001" is an all electric guitar solo piece which Masi gives the metal edge to with an overdriven sound. Bach's unforgettable "Toccata And Fugue In D Minor BWV 565" is rendered with both electric and acoustic guitars, and Masi conveys the power and brilliance of the piece with his arrangement. No bass, no drums -- In The Name Of Bach is Masi's all guitar tribute tothese masterworks. Instrumental Guitar (Classical/Neo-Classical Metal), total running time, 57:50

1 Toccata And Fugue In D Minor BWV 565 **
2 Prelude In G Major From Well Tempered..
3 Allemande From French Suite In D Minor..
4 Toccata In E Minor BWV 565
5 Presto From Violin Sonata #1 In G Minor *
6 Fugue In E Major From Well Tempered...
7 Contrapunctus #9 Alla Duodecima From..
8 Siciliano In C Minor From Sonatas... **
9 Courante From English Suite In A Minor..
10 Invention F Major BWV 779
11 Allemande From Violin Partita #2 In Dm..
12 Courante In E Minor BWV 996
13 Chromatic Fantasia BWV 903 **
14 Fugue BWV 903
15 Presto From Violin Sonata #1 (Acoustic)

Parte I
Parte II

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Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Trilogy

Trilogy continued the fine axemanship and overall heaviness of the earlier Malmsteen albums, only this time with Yngwie playing all bass guitar and featuring Mark Boals on vocals. In addition to some of metaldom's best vocal tracks of the mid '80s ("You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget", "Queen In Love", "Fire"), Trilogy features two killer instrumental tracks, "Crying" and "Trilogy Suite Op: 5" and was both produced and "conducted" by Yngwie himself. Kind of an appropriate title, as this was Malmsteen's third solo release, and he would go into a more hard rock direction on his next recording, "Odyssey". Neo-Classical Metal/Shred, total running time, 40:40 - Yngwie J. Malmsteen @ iTunes!

CD Information

Yngwie J. Malmsteen - All Electric and Acoustic Guitars, All Bass Guitars
Mark Boals - Vocals
Jens Johansson - Keyboards
Anders Johansson - Drums

04:29 You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget
04:07 Liar
04:02 Queen In Love
05:01 Crying
03:54 Fury
04:09 Fire
03:51 Magic Mirror
03:54 Dark Ages
07:13 Trilogy Suite Op: 5


lunes, setiembre 25, 2006

Eliot Fisk - PAGANINI 24 Caprices

Los más de 20 CDs grabados por Eliot Fisk han recibo excepcionales críticas. Dos de sus grabaciones para EMI han recibido respectivamente "Disco del mes" y "Top ten" en Alemania y Holanda. Su sensacional grabación para Music Masters Records de los 24 Caprichos de Paganini (por primera vez en la guitarra) ha entrado en los charts de Billboard en E.E.U.U. Su grabación con Paula Robinson de "Mountain Songs" del compositor americano Robert Beaser fue nominado para un premio Grammy.

1. Capriccio No. 1 In E: Andante
2. Capriccio No. 2 In b: Moderato
3. Capriccio No. 3 In e: Sostenuto/Presto/Sostenuto
4. Capriccio No. 4 In c: Maestoso
5. Capriccio No. 5 In a: Agitato
6. Capriccio No. 6 In g: Lento
7. Capriccio No. 7 In a: Posato
8. Capriccio No. 8 In E Flat: Maestoso
9. Capriccio No. 9 In E: Allegretto
10. Capriccio No. 10 In g: Vivace
11. Capriccio No. 11 In C: Andante/Presto/Primo tempo
12. Capriccio No. 12 In A Flat: Allegro
13. Capriccio No. 13 In B Flat: Allegro/Minore/Allegro
14. Capriccio No. 14 In E Flat: Moderato
15. Capriccio No. 15 In e: Postato
16. Capriccio No. 16 In g: Presto
17. Capriccio No. 17 In E Flat: Sostenuto/Andante/Minore/Andante
18. Capriccio No. 18 In C: Corrente/Allegro/Corrente
19. Capriccio No. 19 In E Flat: Lento/Minore/Lento
20. Capriccio No. 20 In D: Allegretto/Minore/Allegtretto


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Tony MacAlpine - Edge Of Insanity

Edge Of Insanity is the incredible neo-classical fusion album recorded with renowned bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Steve Smith who combined with MacAlpine for one of the hottest power trios of all time. Let's not forget the unforgettable unaccompanied live guitar solo, �Quarter To Midnight.� Edge Of Insanity is a candidate for the most intense guitar oriented album ever recorded. MacAlpine's debut is a must-have recording for any serious collector of instrumental heavy rock. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Neo-Classical Metal/Shred), total running time, 41:06

Parte I

Parte II

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Richie Kotzen - Into the Black 2006


1. You Can't Save Me
2. Misunderstood
3. Fear
4. The Shadow
5. Doin' What the Devil Says to Do
6. Till You Put Me Down
7. Sacred Ground
8. Your Lies
9. Livin' in Bliss
10. My Angel


Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Hot Licks - REH Video

Yngwie J. Malmsteen
Video Instruccional .....!!!!
Hot Licks - REH Video


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Danger Danger - Down And Dirty Live!

Danger Danger was a band of handsome hard rockers that made pop friendly metal similar in style to Bon Jovi. The band had minor success, but like several other groups of this era, just never seemed to be able to push themselves over the top.
Bruno Ravel (bass), Steve West (drums) and Kasey Smith (keyboards) formed Danger Danger in New York the late 80's. The band recorded demos, but it wasn't until the addition of vocalist Ted Poley that the music industry began to recognize the group. They began recording the self-titled debut with Saraya guitarist Tony Bruno before Andy Timmons joined the band and finished the remaining guitar tracks. The record would prove to be Danger Danger's most successful, as it included the Top 50 single "Bang Bang". Screw It!, which would turn out to be less successful then the debut, saw more of an emphasis on Timmons' guitar work and less on Smith's keyboards, and as a result he left the band before work on the third album began.

Track List:
01. Boys Will Be Boys
02. Bang Bang
03. Groove Or Die
04. Naughty Naughty
05. Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo

Ted Poley - vocals
Andy Timmons - guitar
Bruno Ravel - bass
Steve West - drums
Kasey Smith - keyboards

Produced by Lennie Petze.


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Greg Howe - Parallax

Reminiscent at times of Tribal Tech and Chick Corea's bands, Greg Howe's Parallax is comprised of aggressive rock/fusion compositions which highlight Howe�s incredible command of the guitar. More funk oriented and syncopated than Howe's three previous recordings, Howe serves up a heavy yet unpredictable combination of '90s high tech guitar blended with '70s fusion influences. Parallax standouts include "Roundhouse", "Time Off" and "Howe 'Bout It" - three gems among the nine melodically intense instrumental workouts. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Fusion/Shred), total running time, 46:43

05:30 Howe 'Bout It
05:39 Found Unwound
05:00 Dance
07:10 Time Off
05:58 Joker's Wild
03:17 The Portrait
04:57 Bottom Line
05:13 On Sail
03:59 Roundhouse




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Dream theater - Dark Side Of The Moon

Artista: Dream Theater
Titulo: Dark Side of The Moon (Official Bootleg)
Año: 2006
Formato: MPEG-1 layer 3
Bitrate: 192kbit (VBR) 44100Hz Stereo
Calificacion APT: 7/10

Track listing

Disc 1
1. Speak To Me/Breathe (3:55)
2. On The Run (2:26)
3. Time (7:02)
4. The Great Gig in the Sky (4:35)
5. Money (6:35)
6. Us And Them (8:02)
7. Any Colour You Like (5:05)
8. Brain Damage (3:49)
9. Eclipse (2:48)

Disc 2
1. Echoes Pt. 1 (12:00)
2. One of These Days (6:24)
3. Sheep (9:42)
4. In the Flesh? (2:56)
5. Run Like Hell (1:58)
6. Hey You (4:49)
7. Comfortably Numb (7:22)

Total Time: 89:32

- James LaBrie / vocals
- John Myung / bass
- John Petrucci / guitar and vocals
- Mike Portnoy / drums and vocals
- Jordan Rudess / keyboards & lap steel guitar

- Theresa Thomason / vocals
- Norbert Stachel / saxophone
- Derek Sherinian / keyboards (4, 5, & 6 of disc 2)
- Queensryche / special guests (7 of disc 2)
Releases information

released at the April 1st 20th Anniversary show as a limited edition live 2-disc set.


sábado, setiembre 16, 2006

DREAM THEATER - The Number Of The Beast

Track listing

1. Invaders (4:18)
2. Children of the dambed (5:06)
3. The Prisioner (6:27)
4. 22 Acacia Avenue (6:50)
5. The number of the beast (4:28)
6. Run to the hills (4:05)
7. Gangland (6:30)
8. Hallowed be thy name (7:59)

Total Time: 45:48

- James LaBrie / vocals
- John Myung / bass & Chapman stick
- John Petrucci / guitar & vocals
- Mike Portnoy / drums & vocals
- Jordan Rudess / keyboards
Releases information

CD Ytsejam Records (YTSEJAM008)
Recorded live in Paris, France on October 24th 2002

Dream of the Beast 666

viernes, setiembre 15, 2006

Richie Kotzen (2 discos)

Richie Kotzen - Fever Dream 1990

Richie Kotzen's Fever Dream not only features incredible solos, but introduces Kotzen as a strong lead vocalist. Featuring Atma Anur on drums and Danny Thompson on bass, Fever Dream is a blues based, hard rock album brimming with full-throttle guitar work and imaginatively crafted songs, which marks an important step forward for this incredible musician. A well-rounded treat for fans of high-tech guitar playing. Hard Rock, total running time, 37:36

03:23 She
03:18 Fall Of A Leader
02:43 Off The Rails
03:08 Yvonne
06:21 Things Remembered Never Die
03:17 Dream Of A New Day
02:59 Money Power
03:23 Rollercoaster
03:16 Wheels Can Fly
05:48 Truth In Lies


Richie Kotzen - Bi-Polar Blues 1999

Richie Kotzen�s latest release Bi-Polar Blues is a retro blues vocal album which showcases Kotzen�s versatility as a gifted songwriter and guitarist. A veritable blues guitar fest, this album is comprised of popular blues standards mixed with strong original compositions that showcase Kotzen tearing it up on his guitar. Kotzen recorded and produced the album himself, playing most of the instruments (Matt Luneau contributes drums on five tracks and Rob Harrington plays bass on two tracks). Closing out Bi-Polar Blues is the countrified blues instrumental "Richie's Boogie". Blues, total running time, 37:36

04:35 Gone Tomorrow Blues
04:06 Tied To You
03:50 They're Red Hot
04:32 Tobacco Road
04:20 Broken Man Blues
05:47 The Thrill Is Gone
04:58 From Four Till Late
05:44 A Step Away
04:35 Burn It Down
05:26 No Kinda Hero
05:09 Richie's Boogie


martes, setiembre 12, 2006

Slash - Ain't Life Grand

1. Been There Lately
2. Just Like Anything
3. Shine
4. Mean Bone
5. Back to the Moment
6. Life's Sweet Drug
7. Serial Killer
8. Truth
9. Landslide
10. Ain't Life Grand
11. Speed Parade
12. Alien

Parte I

Parte II

Jimi Hendrix & B.B. King - The King's Jam

Live Jimi Henxdrix and B.B. King - "The King's Jam"
With the Paul Butterfield Blues Band feat. Al Kooper and Elvin Bishop
April, 9, 1968 at Generation Club in New York City
NOT officially released, brief release on Klondyke [sic] Records
A blues fan's heaven

1. Like A Rolling Stone
2. Blues Jam #1 (Part 1)
3. Blues Jam #1 (Part 2)
4. Band Introduction by B.B. King
5. Blues Jam #2 (Part 1)
6. Blues Jam #2 (Part 2)
7. Blues Jam #3
8. It`s My Own Fault


Gracias por el disco...

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Slash's Snakepit - Speed Parade (Live)

A Guitar Odyssey - A Tribute To Yngwie Malmsteen

MP3 128 Kbps only | April 17, 2001| Label: Dwell Records |
Genre: Metal| Styles: Neo-classical

1. Big Foot - Chris Amott
2. Too Young To Die Too Drunk To Live - Stormwind
3. Hiroshima Mon Amour - Wicked Ways
4. Icarus Dream Suite - Treasure Land
5. Little Savage - Firewind
6. Disciples Of Hell - Mayadome
7. I'm A Viking - Pathos
8. Anguish And Fear - Destiny
9. Fire - Daniel L. Dalley & Power
10. Dark Ages - Carljohan Grimmark Of Narnia
11. Rising Force - Energy
12. Bedroom Eyes - Mike Chlasciak
13. Yngwie 2000 - Mattias "IA" Eklundh


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Zakk Wylde - Pentatonic Hardcore - AVI

It is a video put on the market from the Young Guitar Magazine in Japan. Zakk chiefly teaches "pentatonic-scal".

PART 1-Basics
Major/Minor Pentatonic Scales

PART 2-Pentatonic Phrasing
Scales/Picking Patterns

PART 3-Country Styling (Pedal Steel-ish Bending, Chicking Picking) 356.68 MB

Parte I
Parte II

Parte III

Parte IV

Parte V

Parte VI

Parte VII
Parte VIII

Zakk Wylde - Pentatonic Hardcore

Buckethead - Electric Tears (Guitar Instrumental)

Proving he's a complete guitarist capable of more than his incredible shredded playing style, the CD Electric Tears allows the listener to experience the haunting, beautiful and ethereal side of Buckethead, described by the likes of Bootsie Collins, Bill Laswell and Santana as a phenomenal guitar player. Laswell has noted, �He�s not limited in the way that nine out of ten rock guitarists are." Bootsy Collins remarks, "Wow!! Keep up the abnormal work because normal work becomes a job...Did I mention that Buckethead also is my greatest friend and the rippinest guitarist in the whole dang universe?" Buckethead handles all the instrumentation on the album, which is 95% guitar. Another totally creative work. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Rock), total running time, 71:01

1.All In The Waiting
2.Sketches Of Spain (For Miles)
5.Way To Heaven, The
6.Baptism Of Solitude
7.Kansas Storm
10.Witches On The Heath
11.Angel Monster
12.Electric Tears
13.Spell Of The Gypsies

Parte I

Parte II

viernes, setiembre 08, 2006

Vitalij Kuprij with George Bellas - Extreme Measures

Vitalij Kuprij returns with his second solo offering, entitled Extreme Measures, this time teaming with neo-classical guitarist George Bellas. This CD showcases Kuprij�s soloing skills and confirms why Japan�s prestigious Burrn Magazine�s readers named him number two in their readers poll for his outstanding keyboard work. Guitar fans will love the choice of Bellas, a serious chopsmith who is up to the challange of dueling with Kuprij, as well as contributing fast paced counterpoint and adding the metal edge. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Neo-Classical Metal), total running time, 43:49

01:03 Prologue
09:10 Destination
07:31 Extreme Measures
06:14 Depression
03:56 Chopin Etude #11 In A Minor Opus 25
05:02 Crying In The Shadows
05:43 Track On Fire
02:30 Chopin Etude #12 In C Minor Opus 25
04:57 Intrigue
10:32 L.V. Beethoven 32 Variations In C Minor
05:18 Epilogue-Improvisation On J.S. Bach

Keyboards and Piano Vitalij Kuprij
Guitars George Bellas
Bass John Onder
Drums Jon Doman

© 1998 Shrapnel Records, Inc.

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George Bellas (video)

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Jason Becker - The Raspberry Jams

2.Mandy's Throbbing Little Heart
4.When You Wish Upon A Star
5.Jasin Street
6.Beatle Grubs
7.Grilled Peeps
8.If You Have To Shoot...Shoot, Don't Talk
9.Purple Chewable Fern
10.Black Stallion Jam
12.Angel Eyes
13.Throt Hole
14.Dang Sea Of Samsara
16.Thousand Million Suns
17.Clean Solo
18.Too Fast, No Good For You!
19.Sweet Baboon
20.Shock Tea
21.Ghost To The Post
22.Blood On The Traches
23.Oddly Enough
25.Vocal Silliness

The Raspberry Jams are a collection of demos, songs and ideas on guitar from the archives of Jason Becker's many tapes. In the words of Jason Becker himself, "The songs on The Raspberry Jams were all recorded so I wouldn't forget them as possible songs for some CD. I never planned on releasing these versions, but as I listened to this stuff, I thought, 'hey, it isn't right to hide this neat music.' So here you go. I hope you get as big of a rush listening to it as I do." For a fascianting glimpse of immense talent in the rough and raw, check out the 25 raspberry jams contained on this CD. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Shred/Heavy Metal), total running time, 61:02


martes, setiembre 05, 2006

Dixie Dregs - Night Of The Living Dregs 1979


1. Punk Sandwich
2. Country House Shuffle
3. The Riff Raff
4. Long Slow Distance
5. Night of the Living Dregs
6. The Bash
7. Leprechaun Promenade
8. Parchwork


* Steve Morse: guitarras
* Andy West: bajos
* Rod Morgenstein: bateria
* Allen Sloane: violines
* Mark Parrish: teclados

Este es el cuarto disco del ensamble jazz rock Dixie Dregs, el mismo que es ahora toda una leyenda para muchas bandas nuevas que se han dejado influir por su colorida onda alimentada por la marca peculiar del jazz añejo, las vicisitudes del jazz fusion (particularmente el lado mas festivo de Return to Forever y Weather Report), y el fuego peculiar del country, todo ello sazonado con algunos sabores de corte hard rock. Los cuatro ultimos temas de este disco son tomados de la performance que realizaron en Julio de 1978, en el contexto del Festival Internacional de Jazz en Montreux: las ovaciones que se escuchan al final de cada tema pueden muy bien ser interpretadas como muestras merecidas de elogio para una banda que combina la majestad de la solvencia tecnica con el impetu emocional de un material que parece estar siempre dispuesto para transmitir alegria y entusiasmo. El rol efectivo de la talentosa dupla ritmica Morgenstein/West resulta crucial a la hora de sostener este clima general de vitalidad pulcramente efectuado.

‘Punk Sandwich’ abre el disco con un inconfundible aire rocanrolero que sirve de base para los bien articulados dialogos entre Morse y Sloane, mientras que ‘Country House Shuffle’ se enraiza mas patentemente en el factor country, con un Sloane asumiendo el rol protagonico con una limpieza notable. ‘The Riff Raff’ es un evocativo dueto de violin y guitarra acustica elaborado al modo de un nocturno en clave de jazz, con un tono crepuscular e introspectivo que resulta cautivante, con un encanto sutilmente atrapante. La onda melancolica persiste en el siguiente tema, ahora con el quinteto funcionando en bloque con un toque de magia influido por el mejor Jean-Luc Ponty: este toque de magia se apoya buenamente en las bien delineadas cortinas de teclado provistas por Parrish.


Dixie Dregs - Take It off the Top (video)

lunes, setiembre 04, 2006

Vinnie Vincent - The E.P - Euphoria

Vincent Cusano, al más puro estilo Homer Simpson quería cambiar su nombre por uno que tuviera más fuerza, por lo que pensó en MIKE FURY. Lamentablemente, le convencieron para que se pusiera el más convencional Vinnie Vincent. El pequeño hombre compondrá alguno de los mejores temas de Creatures of the night (como Love it loud) y cubrirá las espaldas de Space Ace. Y aunque su nombre aparece en los créditos, en la portada su ego sufrió un duro golpe, pues su lugar lo ocupó un desorientado Frehley, cosas del marketing. Más tarde se editaría el disco con una cutre-portada donde sí aparecía Vincent, pero los fans preferimos la original y falsa. En la gira del disco ya se incorporaría como miembro oficial en lugar del hombre del espacio, perdido en alguna galaxia lejana…

Cusano entró en la última etapa con maquillaje de Kiss, por lo que tuvo que buscarse su propia identidad. A diferencia de Tommy Thayer, que trata de suplantar ahora a Ace como si de un vulgar impersonator se tratase, Vincent eligió una cruz egipcia (ankh dorada) como símbolo místico, muy apropiada para él. La llevó muy poco tiempo, pues Kiss pronto se despojarían del maquillaje, pero la recuperó en 1996, en Kiss Expos, tocando junto a bandas tributo, hasta que los abogados del grupo le prohibieron hacerlo.

El estilo de Vincent con la guitarra en nada se parecía al de Ace. Mientras Space Ace partía del hard rock y mostraba su fanatismo por los Rolling Stones, Cusano era el típico guitar-hero metalero, de esos que se emocionan con los complicados solos, la rapidez de dedos y el aumento progresivo de notas. Con Cusano, Kiss se volvieron jevis, así de claro. Y en parte es culpa suya que todavía las criaturas de la noche aparezcan en la Heavy Rock, Metal Hammer y revistas del ramo. Vamos, que no es más que una víctima del metal. Sin embargo, Vincent sólo grabaría un disco más con la banda, Lick it up, ya sin maquillaje… Es decir, sin disfraces, porque maquillaje seguían utilizando, incluso más que antes. A reivindicar sin duda la imagen del grupo entonces, con esos videoclips super horteras totalmente desfasados, como debe ser.

Vinnie Vincent - The E.P./Euphoria

Metaluna Records LLC (1996)

1. Euphoria - Vincent (5:21)
2. Get The Led Out - Vincent (6:13)
3. Wild Child - Vincent (5:11)
4. Full Shredd - Vincent (4:57)

Vinnie Vincent - guitar, bass, and background vocals
Robert Fleischman - lead vocals
V Meister - drums

Produced by Vinnie Vincent
Co-Produced by Phil Kenzie
Engineered by Vinnie Vincent and Phil Kenzie


John Norum - Live in Stockholm - EP (1990)

Eternal Flame
Don't Believe A Word
Bad Reputation
Free Birds In Flight

Though guitarist John Norum was a major part of Countdown-era Europe, he left the band -- just before its worldwide success -- as a reaction to its growing commercial sensibilities. He began recording a solo album, with vocalist Goran Edman, drummer Peter Hermansson and bassist Marcel Jacob; the result was 1987's Total Control. He recorded the live album Live in Stockholm the following year, collaborated with Don Dokken and recorded a second studio album in 1992, Face the Truth. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide


domingo, setiembre 03, 2006

Vinnie Vincent- Boyz Are Gonna Rock (video)

sábado, setiembre 02, 2006

Paul Gilbert's Terrifying Guitar Trip, Guitar Instructional Video

Inspiring and informative coverage of Paul Gilbert's playing, February 5, 1999
Reviewer: A viewer
This 75 minute video of Paul Gilbert's guitar playing consists of instructional, showcase and interview material intermixed. The instructional parts feature Paul explaining and playing examples at various speeds. The showcase parts show him playing live, in the studio, and directly for the camera. The 'interview' parts show him talking while floating in a pool on a raft with his dogs.

I was surprised at first because I thought that the whole 75 minutes was going to be instructional. I'm glad it includes showcase material because it's totally amazing to watch, but some of the talking is just boring filler (e.g. a long, uninteresting story about Paul working with a producer). They should consolidate the instructional and showcase sections at the beginning of the tape so you don't have to fast forward through the rest.

The instructional sections are top-notch. Paul is mostly on electric guitar but he also does a flamenco-style piece on a classical guitar and a little acoustic stuff. He also goes over licks from some Mr. Big songs, including the opening to Colorado Bulldog, which he rightly calls "probably the scariest thing I've done." These parts rate 5.

The quality of the showcase footage varies from crystal clear audio and video in the first piece (which together which the flamenco style piece already makes the video worth buying) to poorly mixed drum-heavy shots in a dim studio. All in all, these parts get a 4.5.

In the chatty sections, Paul gives good advice for players but some parts basically can't be seen more than once. Collectively they get a 3 and fortunately don't last too long. I would have liked to see him describe his rig.

I highly recommend this video to all rock guitar players. It has the coolest guitar playing I've ever seen, totally blows me away every time, and teaches some great licks step by step.


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