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Vinnie.Moore - Speed Accuracy and.Articulation

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Liquid Tension Experiment - Live , NAMM Convention - 1999

pass : sterling

Jeff Beck - Best Of Beck

01. The Pump
02. People Get Ready
03. Freeway Jam
04. Shapes Of Things
05. Where Were You
06. Beck's Bolero
07. Going Down
08. Jailhouse Rock
09. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
10. Blue Wind
11. Plynth(Water Down The Drain)
12. Two Rivers
13. Scatterbrain
14. She's A Woman


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B.B. King - Christmas Celebration of Hope

Please Come Home For Christmas
Lonesome Christmas
Back Door Santa
Christmas In Heaven
I'll Be Home For Christmas
To Someone That I Love
Christmas Celebration
Merry Christmas Baby
Christmas Love
Blue Decorations
Christmas Comes But Once A Year
Bringing In A Brand New Year
Auld Lang Syne


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Project Alcazar - Reasons For A Decade

Reasons For A Decade features a bounty of neo-classicisms from the guitar of Chris Steberl, who is joined on this release by powerhouse drummer John Homan. Steberl draws on the riffs of huge composers such as Moussorgsky, Vivaldi and Mozart, adding variations, improvisations and, of course, modern day metallic power. Songs such as "TranceMission" feature high-speed fretwork, rapid double-bass licks (courtesy of Homan) and dazzling soloing, while "Silk N Honey" breaks from the metal/neo-classical framework to offer a standard rock arrangement rich in melodicism and impressive string work. The hard rock, Satriani-esqe "Neptune Island" is also a crowd pleaser, adding another layer of variety to this fine CD. Reasons For A Decade satisfies a guitar lover's lust for playing -- Steberl is on top of his game here. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Neo-Classical Metal/Hard Rock), total running time, 32:08

05:07 Nightmare On Bald Mountain
04:44 TranceMission
04:23 Neptune Island
04:00 Vivaldi's Summer Concerto (3rd Mov.)
03:56 Sahara Skies
05:43 Mozart's 25th Symphony In Gm
04:13 Silk N Honey

Guitars,Bass & Keyboards Chris Steberl
Drums & Percussion Jhon Homan

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Pat Methey - Secret Story -1992

Artist: Pat Metheny
Album: Secret Story
Release Date: Jul 1992
Quality / Bitrate: MP3 / 192 kbit/s / 44.1 Khz / Joint Stereo
Total Time: 76.21
Total Size: 66.8 MB + 44.8 MB

Recorded live in New Brunswick NJ, Nov. 24th 1992. Featuring, Pat Metheny,Steve Rodby, Armando Maral, Paul Wertico and Torsten De Winkel. 10 tracks including, 'Above The Treetops', 'Facing West' & 'Antonia'.

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Antonio Vivaldi: Guitar Concertos - Los Romeros

Los Romeros (Angel, Celedonio, Celin and Pepe) have collaborated with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra to produce a true Vivaldi sound. These are Concertos, not solo pieces. The Romeros are assisted by John Corigliano on the Violin, Dominick Saltarelli on the Viola and Margaret Bella on the Cello. The admixture is pure Vivaldi from the Allegro of the Concerto in D to the Largo of the Concerto in B minor. The guitar parts are perfect for the resultant polyphony. Transitions are smooth. The guitars are sensitive and evocative. Timing is precise - the orchestra comes in and out flawlessly. The guitar accompanents flow freely and precisely.

1. Concerto in D, RV 93: Allegro
2. Concerto in D, RV 93: Largo
3. Concerto in D, RV 93: Allegro
4. Concerto In A, Rv 82: Allegro Non Molto
5. Concerto In A, Rv 82: Larghetto
6. Concerto In A, Rv 82: Allegro
7. Concerto In B Minor: Op. 3 No. 10, Rv 580: Allegro
8. Concerto In B Minor: Op. 3 No. 10, Rv 580: Largo
9. Concerto In B Minor: Op. 3 No. 10, Rv 580: Larghetto
10. Concerto In B Minor: Op. 3 No. 10, Rv 580: Allegro
11. Concerto In G, Rv 532: Allegro
12. Concerto In G, Rv 532: Andante
13. Concerto In G, Rv 532: Allegro
14. Concerto In C, Rv 425: Allegro
15. Concerto In C, Rv 425: Largo


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Yngwie Malmsteen - A Tribute To Leo Fender (Live 92)

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Steve Vai & Tony Mcalphine Jam


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The Yardbirds - Blue Eyed Blues

23 Hours too long
Out on the water coast
Five long years
I aint't got you
Good morning little schoolgirl
Little red rooster (Rehearsal)
Little red rooster
Higway 49
Wang - Dang - Doodle
I'm a man
Jeff's blues
I see a man downstairs


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B.B. King - Kansas City, 1972

1. Introduction
2. Thrill Is Gone, The
3. Sweet Little Angel
4. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
5. Guess Who
6. King's Shuffle
7. Outside Help
8. I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living
9. Ain't Nobody Home


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Niels Vejlyt - The Predator

Inspired by artist such as Shawn Lane, Allan Holdsworth, George Bellas, Paganini, Symphony X, J.S. Bach, Yngwie Malmsteen, Borislav Mitic, Vitalij Kuprij and Mark Boals, My Empty Room guitarist Niels Vejlyt has relesaed his instrumental solo CD, entitled The Predator. Filled with shred, neo-classical and hard rock riffs, solos and six-string mayhem, Vejlyt plays off of drummer Jakob Vnad (also from My Empty Room) and bassist Mads Damgaard. Vejlyt invokes the classical masters on "Paganini Vs. Strauss", and gives Paganini the spotlight on the album's closer "Moto Perpetuo". The Predator is ready for fans of classically inspired metal tracks. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Shred/Neo-Classical Metal), total running time, 43:39

Niels Vejlyt - All Guitars, Bass

Jakob Vand - Drums
Mads Damgaard - Bass
Claus Springborg - Keyboards

04:12 The Predator
03:30 Enchanted Mountain
04:15 Misque
04:29 Fire
03:28 Thunder Warrior
03:38 Ronin
04:39 Distant Thunder
03:26 Forces Of Nature
04:09 Paganini Vs. Strauss
04:28 Moto Perpetuo


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Buckethead - Colma

On Colma, trailblazing guitarist, Buckethead creates a captivating album of instrumental brilliance. With the help of a few friends, notably Bill Laswell and drummer Brain, Buckethead has molded an album mixing emotional depth with innovative technique while exploring new musical avenues. As Gavin puts it, "The music on Colma will have you floating somewhere between the outer limits of the Twilight Zone and the inner realms of the universal subconscious." Colma represents the quieter side of Buckethead's varied repertoire, but proves the man can do it all. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Rock), total running time, 54:23

Buckethead - Guitars, Bass.

Brain - Drums, Loops
DJ Disc - Appears on "Machete", "Hills Of Eternity" and "Lone Sal Bug"
Bill Laswell - Bass on "Machete", Production
Teri Untalan - Cello & Viola on "Wondering" and "Lone Sal Bug"

04:42 Whitewash
05:08 For Mom
05:26 Ghost
05:04 Hills Of Eternity
01:11 Big Sur Moon
06:15 Machete
04:00 Wishing Well
05:29 Lone Sal Bug
03:39 Sanctum
02:13 Wondering
05:04 Watching The Boats With My Dad
02:29 Ghost/Part 2
03:10 Colma

Descargar Parte I
Descargar Parte II

Neil Schon - I on U

With over three decades of making music, Neal Schon continues to inspire all with his sixth solo outing, a dazzling collection of guitar instrumentals entitled I On U. As the lead guitarist and songwriter for the multi-platinum band Journey, not to mention his work with guitar legend Santana and composer Jan Hammer, Schon has lived the life of several rock gods. Still, he continues to reinvent himself, taking his own musical vision to new heights. Playing with modern sounds and flavors, yet always staying true to his signature guitar sound, I On U pulls it all together. Says Schon, "This is the first album that encompasses everything and makes it brand new." Each listener will experience it differently. From the majestic opening of "Blue Passion," and the soaring melodies of the title track, the songs suggest wide open spaces, an overview of what's to come, with tracks like the driving, passionate "Burning Bridges." Then it's on to the far off reaches of the imagination, with the arpeggiated rhythms of "Timeless Motion," the spicy funk of "Loner's Dream," and the eastern flair of "It Will Happen." Nothing to do but sit back and see where it all takes you. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Rock/Pop), total running time, 60:27

Neal Schon - All Guitars, Synth Solos, Bass (Tracks 6 & 9)
Igor Len - All Keyboards
Omar Hakim - Drums (Tracks 2-5, 7-8, 10-12)
Gary Cirimelli - Drum Programming (Tracks 6 & 9)

Blue Passion
05:20 I On U
06:57 Timeless Motion
05:37 The Chamber
05:21 Urban Angel
04:52 Moon Dust
03:28 Loner's Dream
04:39 Burning Bridges
04:11 Highland
04:59 It Will Happen
05:41 Taken There
05:06 Father

Descargar Parte I
Descargar Parte II

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A Guitar Supreme - Giant Steps In Fusion Guitar 2004

John Coltrane�s musical virtuosity not only influenced sax players, but also composers and soloists on many other instruments. A Guitar Supreme: Giant Steps In Fusion Guitar brings together the creme de la creme of jazz/fusion guitarists with Mike Stern, Larry Coryell, Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather, Greg Howe, Jeff Richman, Frank Gambale and Robben Ford, paying a guitar tribute to one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time. These phenomenal guitarists approach their lead solos with a respect and energy which renders their contributions to �A Guitar Supreme� among their greatest individual works to date. Additional musicians include Alphonso Johnson on bass, Tom Brechtlein on drums and Larry Goldings on keyboards. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Fusion), total running time, 61:04

Greg Howe - Guitar
Jeff Richman - Guitar
Frank Gambale - Guitar
Eric Johnson - Guitar
Mike Stern - Guitar
Larry Coryell - Guitar
Steve Lukather - Guitar
Robben Ford - Guitar
Alphonso Johnson - Bass
Larry Goldings - Keyboards
Tom Brechtlein - Drums

05:37 Eric Johnson "Resolution"
04:07 Jeff Richman "Afro Blue"
04:24 Steve Lukather "Crescent"
05:01 Greg Howe "Giant Steps"
06:17 Mike Stern "My Favorite Things"
04:18 Frank Gambale "Naima"
05:17 Greg Howe "Mr. Syms"
05:15 Jeff Richman "Central Park West/Your Lady"
05:22 Mike Stern "Equinox"
04:59 Robben Ford "Village Blues"
04:47 Frank Gambale "Lazy Bird"
05:40 Larry Coryell "Satellite"


Dream Theater - 9 Discos

(2002) Six Degrees Of Inner Turbolence
(2001) Live Scenes From New York
(1999) Scenes From A Memory - Metropolis
(1998) Once In A LIVEtime
(1997) Falling Into Infinity
(1994) Awake
(1993) Live At The Marquee
(1992) Images And Words
(1989) When Dream And Day Unite


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Alexi Laiho - YOUNG GUITAR DVD 2006

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BB King and Eric Clapton - Riding with the king @320kbps

1. Riding With The King
2. Ten Long Years
3. Key To The Highway
4. Marry You
5. Three O'Clock Blues
6. Help The Poor
7. I Wanna Be
8. Worried Life Blues
9. Days Of Old
10. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
11. Hold On I'm Coming
12. Come Rain Or Come Shine

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Patrick Rondat - Virtuosita A la guitare

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Joe Satriani & Deep Purple Live In Japan

Jeff Beck (Live At BB King Blues Club) 2003

1 - Roy's Toy
2 - Psycho Sam
3 - Big Block
4 - Freeway Jam
5 - Brush With The Blues
6 - Scatterbrain
7 - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
8 - Nadia
9 - Savoy
10 - Angel (Footsteps)
11 - Seasons
12 - Where Were You
13 - You Never Know
14 - A Day in The Life
15 - People Get Ready
16 - My Thing

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Steve Vai - Pro tools demo

Kiko Loureiro - Young Guitar Video

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Mattias Ia Eklundh - Hyper Freak Exercise (Young Guitar Video)

Alejandro Silva - Dios Eol

Alejandro Silva es un gran guitarrista chileno aca uno de sus mejores discos .....

Bursting out of the speakers like a comet out of the sky is the heavy metal shred of Chilean guitarist Alejandro Silva, and his group, on his second solo CD, Dios Eol. The song titles may be in Spanish, but no translation is required to enjoy the eleven relentlessly energetic, all instrumental tracks. Silva's guitar strikes with jagged precision - he is capable of delivering a lightning-fast cascade of notes, and, just as quickly, bring it down to wring out slow, soulful melodic or wah-enhanced leads. This kind of dynamicism makes the music on Dios Eol stand out from the pack - you'll get power, musicianship, aggressiveness and searing heavy metal riffs in this superb one hour package. Second guitarist Cristobal Arriagada also contributes noteworthy solos to "Chomo-Lungma", "ERrock" and "El Sexto Mensajero". Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Heavy Metal/Shred), total running time, 58:39

06:45 80
06:18 Chomo-Lungma
04:02 ERrock
04:54 Mi Amigo Duro
05:02 No Desapareces
05:58 El Sexto Mensajero
04:28 Dios Eol I: Diaspora
03:40 Dios Eol I: Free Fall
04:34 Dios Eol I: Eol
05:56 Dios Eol II: Inside The Core
06:34 Dios Eol III: Neopangea

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Marty Friedman And Paul Gilbert 2006

JoeSatriani - Soloing Lesson Super Colossal

Buckethead - Concert 2004

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Buckethead Guitar Lesson

Nuno Bettencourt-Guitar Demonstration

Racer X - Live at the Whiskey 2001

Racer X includes: Jeff Martin (vocals); Paul Gilbert (guitar); John Alderte (bass); Scott Travis (drums). Additional personnel: Mike Szuter (guitar, background vocals). Recorded live at The Whiskey A Go-Go, Hollywood, California on May 25, 2001.

1.17th Moon
2.Into The Night
3.Let The Spirit Fly
4.Street Lethal
5.Dead Man's Shoes
7.Get Away
9.Hammer Away
10.Evil Joe
11.Phallic Tractor
12.Fire Of Rock

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