lunes, noviembre 10, 2008

Bernd Steidl - Paganiniana

Bernd Steidl's highly anticipated second album, Paganiniana is an acoustic showcase of adventurous compositions and phenomenal technique. Falling between Nuevo Flamenco, World and Classical idioms, Bernd Steidl has the technique of a master and thus the attention of the guitar community. Highlights of the album are "Paganiniana 1" and "Paganiniana 2", in which Steidl offers his own interpretations of the great 19th century Italian artist. "It's difficult to play Paganini on acoustic guitar because you have to play his music with real precision," says Steidl. "If you play sloppy, everything is just gone." Steidl is anything but sloppy, as he delivers his machine-gun solos with a passion and technical mastery that would no doubt have pleased Paganini himself. Instrumental Guitar (Acoustic/Classical/Shred), total running time, 37:51


Blogger Sensei Fray Vicio said...

excelente cd

could you post
the 2 othres cd from mr steidl?

12:09 a. m.  
Blogger Jebimetal said...

Enlace roto :-(

7:37 a. m.  

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