martes, noviembre 25, 2008

Paul Gilbert and Freddie Nelson - United States

Tracks are:

Paris Hilton Look-Alike
Waste Of Time
The Last Rock And Roll Star
Bad Times Good
The Answer
I'm Free
Girl From Omaha
I'm Not Addicted

domingo, noviembre 23, 2008

Gary Moore - Wild in Osaka Live '87 Bootleg

01 - Over The Hills And Far Away
02 - Thunder Rising
03 - Shapes Of Things
04 - Wild Frontier
05 - Military Man
06 - Empty Rooms

01 - Acoustic Guitar Solo / Victims
02 - Out In The Fields
03 - Rockin' Every Night
04 - All Messed Up
05 - Wishing Well

creditos viva les bootlegs

viernes, noviembre 14, 2008

Popa Chubby - Peace,Love & Respect

Popa Chubby - Old School

lunes, noviembre 10, 2008

Bernd Steidl - Paganiniana

Bernd Steidl's highly anticipated second album, Paganiniana is an acoustic showcase of adventurous compositions and phenomenal technique. Falling between Nuevo Flamenco, World and Classical idioms, Bernd Steidl has the technique of a master and thus the attention of the guitar community. Highlights of the album are "Paganiniana 1" and "Paganiniana 2", in which Steidl offers his own interpretations of the great 19th century Italian artist. "It's difficult to play Paganini on acoustic guitar because you have to play his music with real precision," says Steidl. "If you play sloppy, everything is just gone." Steidl is anything but sloppy, as he delivers his machine-gun solos with a passion and technical mastery that would no doubt have pleased Paganini himself. Instrumental Guitar (Acoustic/Classical/Shred), total running time, 37:51

Paul Gilbert vs Marty Friedman - Japanese TV

sábado, noviembre 08, 2008

Marcel Coenen - Guitartalk

viernes, noviembre 07, 2008

Lucas Yaksic - Vol10

Chilean guitarist Lucas Yaksic released his solo instrumental heavy metal CD, entitled Vol. 10, in 2006, and the album features his trademark devastating riffs and solos,, showing great technical skill, creativity, and intelligence. Guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons and Michael Angelo Batio team up with Yaksic for clinics and shows when in Chile, giving the metal guitarist even more exposure to the rabid guitar community. Acts such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Motley Crue have influenced his style, which adds a shred component to ferocious metal rhythms tempered with psychedelic rock ideas, and even more eclectic tone passages. Fans of guitarists such as Alejandro Silva or Pascal Allaigre should warm up quickly to the music of Lucas Yaksic and his band. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Heavy Metal/Shred), total running time, 40:13

Dave Martone - When The Aliens Come

John 5 The Devil Knows My Name DVD rip

miércoles, octubre 29, 2008

Jill's Project - Bloody Chronicle 2 (2008)

STYLE: Heavy Metal, Shred
RAR: 66 MB

Youichi Shigami - Vocal
Yuji "You" Adachi - Guitar (Dead End (Jpn) , Terra Rosa, Jesus)
Takeshi Inoue - Guitar
Masanori "Burny" Kusakabe - Guitar (Sniper (Jpn), Asian Black, J.D.K. Band, Burny Project)
Taiji Fujimoto - Guitar (Dancer, Dirty Trashroad)
Masashi "Jill" Okagaki - Keyboards & Organ (Terra Rosa, Sleazy Wizard, Precious, Burny Project, Eau Rouge)
Katsumi "Ani-Katsu" Seki - Bass (Wolf (Jpn))
Taku Izuhara - Drums (Hurry Scuary, Sleazy Wizard, Cry (Jpn), Presence (Jpn))

lunes, octubre 13, 2008

Buckethead - Frankenstein Brothers - Bolt On Neck (2008)

"Bolt on Neck is an upcoming album, a collaboration between guitarist Buckethead and That 1 Guy, collectively calling themselves Frankenstein Brothers. The album will originally only be available on tour and sold at Buckethead shows, but will eventually be made available for purchase online at TDRS Music.

1. "Bolt on Neck" 6:03
2. "5 Second Minute" 8:26
3. "Bought Big Ben" 5:07
4. "The Thief & the Prince" 13:38
5. "Wait" 1:33
6. "Prototype #1" 10:26"

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