jueves, noviembre 30, 2006

Masi - Fire In The Rain

Predating "Downdown Dreamers", or both of Italian guitarist Alex Masi's late '80s instrumental solo releases "Attack Of The Neon Shark" and "Vertical Invader" was the band Masi's 1987 Metal Blade release Fire In The Rain. The CD, a textbook example of mid '80s metal/hard rock, was released with praise from the critics, lots of airplay on the new KNAC LA radio and received massive response from the public. Fire In The Rain features a good bit of Alex Masi's squalling lead guitar riffs, and each song offers a typically blazing solo passage with enough energy to stop a charging rhino dead in his tracks. The albums closer, "Movements", hints at Alex Masi' forthcoming solo work - a four minute instrumental complete with jagged, at times dissonant, axe work and a solo piano passage right in the middle of the piece - easily the most creative offering on the recording. Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, total running time, 37:19

Alex Masi - All Guitars and Keyboards, Production, Mixing

Chris Marxx - Bass
Bernie K. - All Vocals
Dave Brown - Drums

03:47 Rock Your Soul
03:56 Livin On The Highway
04:02 I'm A Liar
04:27 Daybreak
04:31 Waiting For The Night
04:48 Fire In The Rain
04:11 Nothing To Lose
03:23 Fallen Angel
04:10 Movements


Zakk Wylde Young Guitar 2006 Video

miércoles, noviembre 29, 2006

Concerto Suite for Guitar & Orchestra in e flat minor with the New Japan Philarmonic live

“Concerto Suite for Guitar & Orchestra in e flat minor with the New Japan Philarmonic live” es un dvd en el que encontraremos un exquisita obra de música clasica con guitarra electrica y todos los instrumentos de una Orquesta Filarmonica, cada nota escrita por este virtuoso musico, donde se puede apreciar la transformación de una canción como “Black Star” para convertirse en la Overtura de esta obra, y llegar hasta “Fugue” para subir todo el volumen a tu aparato y sentir cada nota de esa pieza como si estuvieras escuchando la rola mas metalera que te puedas imaginar, sin que ésta deje de ser una maravilla clásica, asi de poderoso este guitarrista.

1. Black Star Overture
2. Trilogy Suite OP.5
3. Brothers
4. Icarus Dream Fanfare
5. Cavallino Rampante
6. Fugue
7. Prelude to April
8. Toccata
9. Andante
10. Sarabande
11. Allegro
12. Adagio
13. Vivace
14. Presto Vivace
15. Finale
16. Blitzkrieg
17. Far Beyond the Sun
18. Evil Eye


Pass: warez-bb.org

lunes, noviembre 27, 2006

Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Instrumental Best Album

Imagine taking the best of the Yngwie Malmsteen instrumental tracks, putting them together on one CD and putting it out for all the instrumental fans out there. What would you call it? How about the Instrumental Best Album? That's what we have here, although one can say that what is best is a subjective call (where is "Black Star", or anything from the Mercury years?), however the idea of an all instrumental Malmsteen release, even if compiled from previously released material for the most part, is a good one, at least until an all instrumental album of all new material is forged out of the Malmsteen recording studio. Instrumental Best Album will slake your thirst, and leave you wanting even more instrumental tracks in the future. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Neo-Classical Metal/Shred), total running time, 62:33

03:47 Brothers
04:25 Dawn
01:48 Air On A Theme
04:17 Blitzkrieg
04:14 Blue
04:07 Asylum I - Asylum
03:16 Asylum II - Sky Euphoria
04:01 Asylum III - Quantum Leap
04:30 Power And Glory - Takada's Theme
04:20 Molto Arpeggiosa
02:32 Preludium
04:00 Instru - Mental Institution
03:52 Treasure From The East
04:09 Requiem
09:15 Far Beyond The Sun [Live]



Masi - Eternal Struggle

Masi is back with a vengeance. After a stunning solo album based on music by J S Bach, guitarist, producer and band leader Alex Masi has dusted off his melodic hard rock band Masi featuring singer Kye Michaels. Eternal Struggle is Masi�s finest hour: a commercial yet heavy collection of songs that will make all Yngwie fans convert. The CD includes a metallic cover of Foreigner's "Blue Morning, Blue Day", as well as eleven ferocious originals that each feature lengthy Masi solos full of blazing axework. Required listening for fans of early Masi and Alex Masi's solo work. Heavy Metal, total running time, 56:07

Alex Masi - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Production, Engineering
Paul Marangoni - Drums, Percussion
Greg Young - Bass
Kyle Michaels - Vocal

00:53 Intro
05:13 Crow Haven's Corner
04:34 All I Want
05:33 On And On
06:00 Black Flames Allure
03:12 Blue Morning Blue Day
04:24 Caught In The Middle
05:26 Highway To Nowhere
05:16 Wheel Rolls On
04:39 Lost In The City
06:01 Excerpts From A Random Horizon
04:31 Writing On The Wall


sábado, noviembre 25, 2006

Tribute to Led Zepellin - Hammer Of The Gods II

Mike Portnoy - drums
(Dream Theater)
Paul Gilbert - guitar (Mr. Big)
Dave LaRue - bass (Dixie Dregs)
Daniel Gildenlow - vocals (Pain of Salvation, The Flower Kings)


In the light
Celebration day
Ninght of fight
The wanton song
Out on the tiles
Moby dick
Ten years gone
Black dog
The ocean
Thank you
How many more times
Im gonna crawl


miércoles, noviembre 15, 2006

Chris Impellitteri - Screaming Symphony

This is Impellitteri's best album in my opinion. Rob's vocals are top notch. Chris' guitar work is always amazing. This time he does not "shred" as much as in previous albums.

1 - Father Forgive Them
2 - I'll Be With You
3 - Walk Away
4 - Kingdom Of Light
5 - Countdown To The Revolution
6 - 17th Century Chicken Pickin'
7 - Rat Race
8 - For Your Love
9 - You Are The Fire


Angra - Aurora Consurgens 2006

"El nombre de la grabación ha sido finalmente anunciado. Será llamado 'Aurora Consurgens', que es también el título de un viejo libro escrito por Santo Tomás de Aquino. Dicho libro fue utilizado por Jung para establecer las relaciones entre los sueños y diferentes condiciones mentales.

"Musicalmente, el nuevo álbum describe a unos ANGRA mucho más heavys. Eso no significa que el estilo de Angra se haya perdido. De hecho, todos los temas siguen contando con la influencia de la música brasileña y hay un montón de percusión en los arreglos, muchas partes orquestales, etc. El proceso de composición vió la participación de todos los miembros, así que el álbum es muy diverso. Al mismo tiempo, mantiene todas las principales características de la banda.

Edu Falaschi Voz
Kiko Loureiro Guitarra
Rafael Bittencourt Guitarra
Felipe Andreoli Bajo
Aquiles Priester Batería

"Aurora Consurgens" track listing:

01. The Course Of Nature
02. The Voice Commanding You
03. Ego Painted Grey
04. Breaking Ties
05. Salvation: Suicide
06. Window To Nowhere
07. So Near So Far
08. Passing By
09. Scream Your Heart Out
10. Abandoned Fate

Disco Completo :
Este tiene todos los temas, son diferentes, y con los nombres 'correctos' de mejor calidad y algunos más largos.(muchas gracias)


Tribute to Led Zepellin - Hammer Of The Gods

Mike Portnoy - drums (Dream Theater)
Paul Gilbert - guitar (Mr. Big)
Dave LaRue - bass (Dixie Dregs)
Daniel Gildenlow - vocals (Pain of Salvation, The Flower Kings)

1- The Song Remains The Same
2- Heartbreaker
3- Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just a Woman)
4- The Rover
5- Houses Of The Holy
6- Misty Mountain Hop
7- Immigrant Song
8- The Rain Song
9- Dazed And Confused


miércoles, noviembre 08, 2006

Marc Bonilla - EE Ticket

1. Entrance
2. White Noise
3. Mannequin Highway
4. Commotion
5. Lycanthrope
6. Hit and Run
7. Afterburner
8. Hurling Blues Skyward
9. Antonio's Love Jungle
10. Razorback
11. Slaughter On Memory Lane
12. Exit


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lunes, noviembre 06, 2006

Gary Moore - Live At Monsters Of Rock

Gary Moore is recorded live at the cavernous Monsters of Rock festival on May 21st, 2003, on this concert video. Playing with a solid backing band, and to an enormous crowd, Moore gives an awesome display of his guitar playing chops and raw vocal melodies. tracks include "Parisienne Walkways," "Out in the Fields," "Wishing Well," and many more.

1. Shapes of Things
2. Wishing Well
3. Rectify
4. Guitar Intro
5. Stand Up
6. Just Can't Let You Go
7. Walking By Myself
8. Don't Believe a Word
9. Out In the Fields
10. Parisienne Walkways


viernes, noviembre 03, 2006

Vitalij Kuprij - Forward And Beyond

Forward And Beyond is the very long anticipated solo instrumental album of the well-established (in both classical and rock) piano master, composer and performer, Vitalij Kuprij. This new, heavy, neo-classical masterpiece and shredfest features many great well known guitar players and amazing musicians such as George Bellas, Michael Romeo, Michael Harris (who performs on two tracks), Jeff Kollman, Javier Leal, Roger Staffelbach (from Artension), Borislav Mitic and Fransesco Fareri. Kuprijj's performances definitely outline his true and accurate compositional ability to perfection. The guitar blazer is "Message Of Hope", with its may solos and trade-offs between Staffelbach, Mitic and Fareri. Don't miss this album, as Forward And Beyond is expected to be the best effort in the instrumental field as of now. The CD is packaged in a limited edition Digipak with two European bonus tracks (piano solos "Phantom Flurries" and "Idol Tribute")! Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Neo-Classical Metal/Shred), total running time, 51:27

Vitalij Kuprij - All Keyboards Without
George Bellas - Guitar on "Foward And Beyond"
Michael Romeo - Guitar on "Piano Overture"
Michael Harris - Guitar on "Time Will Tell" and "Solar Impact"
Jeff Kollman - Guitar on "Variations In D Minor"
Javier Leal - Guitar on "Far From Home"
Roger Staffelbach - Guitar and Rhythm Guitar on "Message Of Hope"
Borislav Mitic - Guitar on "Message Of Hope"
Francesco Fareri - Guitar on "Message Of Hope"

05:40 Forward And Beyond
05:37 Piano Overture
06:50 Time Will Tell
05:02 Variations In D Minor
06:32 Far From Home
01:06 Phantom Flurries
05:02 Solar Impact
02:57 Illusion
05:54 Message Of Hope
06:47 Idol Tribute


jueves, noviembre 02, 2006

Carl Verheyen - Garage Sale

I feel like a broken record at times, but VERHEYEN is another brilliant guitarist. Some of the songs are B grade and his vocals are only just adequate, but when he plays the guitar he really shines. I love the guitar and this has enough jaw dropping moments on it to have a place in any collection of current guitar greats. The instrumentals are simply stunning and VERHEYENS take on the blues is superb.

1 Lonestar (Live) (4:56)
2 Nothin' Familiar (4:06)
3 Floydian Slip (5:53)
4 Farm Jazz (5:44)
5 Howdy Control (1:55)
6 I Can't Get Wired (5:00)
7 Not Yet Chet (2:23)
8 Holly House (5:09)
9 Garage Sale (5:02)
10 My Back Pages (5:16)
11 Floydian Slight Return (1:43)
12 Long Goodbye (5:59)


miércoles, noviembre 01, 2006

Dream Theater - Awake

Gran disco de esta banda progre ;)

1. 6:00
2. Caught In A Web
3. Innocence Faded
4. Erotomania
5. Voices
6. The Silent Man
7. The Mirror
8. Lie
9. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream
10. Scarred
11. Space-Dye Vest


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