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Roy Buchanan - 1985 - When A Guitar Plays The Blues

Roy Buchanan - 1985 - When A Guitar Plays The Blues
Artist: Roy Buchanan
Album: When A Guitar Plays The Blues
File size: 60MB
Bitrate: 192kbps

Track list

01. When A Guitar Plays The Blues.mp3
02. Chicago Smokeshop.mp3
03. Mrs. Pressure.mp3
04. A Nickel And A Nail.mp3
05. Short Fuse.mp3
06. Why Don't You Want Me.mp3
07. Country Boy.mp3
08. Sneaking Godzilla Through The Alley.mp3
09. Hawaiian Punch.mp3


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jueves, junio 21, 2007

A TRIBUTE TO RANDY RHOADS - Unofficial Fun Club Release - 380 MB DivX

miƩrcoles, junio 20, 2007

Mike Stern - Ultimate Play Along (pdf + mp3)

jueves, junio 07, 2007

Randy Rhoads Tribute

1. I Don't Know
2. Crazy Train
3. Goodbye To Ramance
4. Mr Crowley
5. Revelation (Mother Earth)
6. Over The Mountain
7. Flying High Again
8. Believer
9. S.A.T.O.
10. Diary Of A Madman

Con gente como Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Joe Lynn Turner, Mark Slaughter, Rob Rock , Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands) , Chris Impellitteri, Wolf Hoffmann, Roy Z, Al Pitrelli....



Creditos a G-LORD1 de virtuosos guitarristas

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Guitar Guru 2.1.2

Guitar Guru - Your Own Personal Guitar Teacher. Guitar Guru is an easy-to-use software application that will help you better learn and understand playing guitar. Here are some key features of "Guitar Guru": * Interactive, animated fretboard. * Learn at your own speed by adjusting the playback tempo. * Synch most Guitar Guru Sessions with the original CD recording. * Repeat any section as often as you like until you perfect your playing. * Customizable with downloadable guitar "skins."



domingo, junio 03, 2007

Francesco Fareri - Suspension

Suspension features Italian shred guitarist Francesco Fareri blazing on six instrumental songs in the neo-classical and progressive metal style. Much of the music showcases Fareri's mind boggling, head numbing speed, especially on swept licks - one of his specialties. Fareri states, "When I hear this music, it seems as a bird that flies near the sea without touching it - his movements are very fast around the sea which changes his motion - and it creates a sense of intrigue between the guitar solos and the rhythm parts. The rhythm section is very fast - the drums are powerful on the solos that are very fluent." Well put - a shred extravaganza! Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Shred/Neo-Classical Metal), total running time, 43:36

09:04 Suspension
07:51 Pointbreak
08:22 Introspective
06:47 Cyborg
01:33 Secrets
09:55 Paradox


viernes, junio 01, 2007

Francesco Fareri - Suspension (Video)

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