martes, junio 17, 2008

Tomoyasu Hotei - Electric Samurai

Tomoyasu Hotei's album Electric Samurai. Fully instrumental album contains musical scores he made for movies such as "Samurai Fiction", "Kill Bill", "Battle Without Honor Or Humanity", and so on.

Tracks listed on the album are :

1. Battle Without Honor Or Humanity - Video here :
2. Katana Groove
3. Jingi
4. Kill The Target
5. Immigrant Song
6. Battle Without Honor Or Humanity #2
7. Frozen Memories
8. Believe Me, I'm A Liar
9. Battle Without Honor Or Humanity #3
10. Dark Wind
11. Space Cowboy
12. Metropolis
13. Howling - See video here :
14. Fetish

viernes, junio 13, 2008

SOULS OF WE-Let The Truth Be Known 2008-VBR, George Lynch & London LeGrand Project

2.Skeleton Key
3.Key Of Noise
4.Push It
5.Gandhi┬┤s Got A Gun
6.Psycho Circus
8.E#verything I Want
10.St. Jude
11.Sony To Say
12.Under The Dead Tree
13.Let The Truth Be Known

"One more reflection of life experience
chasing the Hollywood dream
while trying to avid realizing the shocking
and vicious truth,
Ignorance is bliss and dreams do not
always come true in this glitter world of
and rock 'n' roll,

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