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Axel Rudi Pell - Black Moon Pyramid

Return of the Pharaoh (Intro)
Gettin' dangerous
Fool Fool
Hole in the sky
Touch the rainbow
Sphinx' Revenge
You and I
Silent Angel
Black Moon Pyramid
Serenade of Darkness (Opus #1 Adagio con Agresso)
Visions of the night
Aqua Solution
Aquarius Dance
Silent Angel (Guitar Version)


domingo, noviembre 25, 2007

GUITAR HEROES (FIN) - Guitar Heroes (2007)

11 of the most respected and talented Finnish heavy metal guitarists gathered together into the studio to record a killer album for everyone who loves virtuous playing and guitar solos from outer space. With internationally acclaimed shredders like Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala (Children of Bodom), Timo Tolkki (Stratovarius) and Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish) showing their skills, the album will certainly attract every metal fan and guitar enthusiastic all around the globe.

All of the 11 players composed a new, instrumental song for this album and for this album only. On top of that, there's one "battle song" where each fastfinger has a solo spot to show off his skills. Even though the album is based on heavy metal and hard rock, it is quite amazing to notice how many different styles are represented, and how much the songs differ from each other. Every single guitar player was free to express his creativity with no limitations. You can really hear it on the tracks how much fun guitar playing can be when freedom of creativity and virtuosity are taken to the highest level.

Finland has a long history in heavy metal and it is often considered as one of the leading metal countries in the world with bands like e.g. CoB, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and HIM. And those are only some of the famous ones, check out http://www.metalfromfinland.com for more Finnish metal. There has been a strong unity among the metal bands since the mid 80´s and many of the guitar players here asked the same question: "Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?"

Guitar players appearing on the album are:

Timo Tolkki, Stratovarius
Alexi Laiho, Children of Bodom
Roope Latvala, Children of Bodom
Emppu Vuorinen, Nightwish
Esa Holopainen, Amorphis
Nino Laurenne, Thunderstone
Mr Crab, Bleak
Mikko Salovaara, Kiuas
Tuomo Louhio, Impaled Nazarene
Sakari Hietala, Tarot
Euge Valovirta, Godsplague

Other musicians appearing on this special album are also well known metal aficionados e.g. Lauri Porra, bass (Stratovarius, Kotipelto), Kai Hahto, drums (Wintersun, Rotten Sound), Janne Parviainen, drums (Ensiferum, Sinergy) and Mirka Rantanen, drums (Thunderstone).


jueves, noviembre 22, 2007

Greg Howe - Greg Howe

Greg Howe was the jazz-metal shredder's first record for Shrapnel Records, that had never recorded anyone comparable to the Pennsylvania native. This potent release combines bluesy elements with Howe?s own incredible state-of-the-art technique. Laden with adventurous rhythm tracks from poll-winning bassist Billy Sheehan and progressive drummer Atma Anur, Greg Howe has become a mainstay of guitar fans everywhere. Howe is an extremely talented guitarist who plays blindingly fast on top-notch tracks such as "Bad Racket" and "Straight Up." Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Fusion/Shred), total running time, 41:17

Kick It All Over
The Pepper Shake
Bad Racket
Super Unleaded
Land Of Ladies
Straight Up
Red Handed
After Hours
Little Rose


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Solucion Megaupload con Extension Firefox!!!

Hola a todos,para los que tengan problemas con las descargas de Megaupload , existe una extension para firefox , la cual permite descargar sin necesidad de ser usuario premiun =) ... solo tienen que descargar la extension desde este enlace luego de instalarlo , solo entran a Herramientas - Megaupload3- Activo y podran descargar sus archivos, espero les sirva . saludos!!

nota : para ver la imagen en su tamaño normal , hagan clik sobre ella

The Guitar Trio: Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin

1. La Estiba
2. Beyond The Mirage
3. Midsummer Night
4. Manha De Carnaval
5. Letter From India
6. Espiritu
7. Le Monastere Dans Les Montagnes
8. Azzura
9. Cardeosa

Liquid Trio Experiment_Spontaneous Combustion (2007)

Lo último de "Liquid tension experiment". Para los que no sepan por qué el cambio de nombre, es simplemente que son las grabaciones de improvisaciones de Portnoy, Levin y Rudess mientras Petrucci estuvo un tiempo ausente debido al nacimiento de su hija Kiara. Un disco para los que tienen el oído refinado y le gusta toda esta onda tirada para el jazz y las improvisaciones. Muy bueno, una combustión de verdad, muy espontánea. Se los dejo en 2 partes en zshare.


1. Chris & Kevin's Bogus Journey (7:54)
2. Hot Rod (6:21)
3. RPP(3:06)
4. Hawaiian Funk (4:39)
5. Cappuccino (3:26)
6. Jazz Odyssey (8:49)
7. Fire Dance (8:23)
8. The Rubberband Man (6:52)
9. Holes (4:38)
10. Tony's Nightmare (2:49)
11. Boom Boom (6:33)
12. Return Of The Rubberband Man (9:43)
13. Disneyland Symphony (4:47)

Duración Total: 78:00 min.

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Steve Vai _ Dirty Love ( Zappas Universe )

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Tony Macalpine

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