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Alejandro Silva _ En Concierto

Ozzy Osbourne & Van Halen - US Festival '83

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Axel Rudi Pell - Mystica

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Jazz Guitar Technique In 20 Weeks - Howard Roberts

Review : I got this a long time ago and thought I could gut it out, but did not have the skills or tenacity. This would be best for people who are fairly advanced and can sight-read difficult chords. There is no tab and no chord diagrams. Consists of about 20 charts and example solos, with the idea being to learn the chart, tape yourself playing the chords, and then practice improvising over it, with an eye towards increasing tempo throughout the 20 weeks. My 3 star rating is just a median value, I can't truly judge it because it was a bit beyond me.


Frank Zappa & Steve vai - FZ Original Recordings - Archives

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Greek keyboardist/guitarist extraordinaire Bob Katsionis sets the tone on the inside of the Turn Of My Century CD with,
"Speed Kills...Warp Speed Rules!" Then, Katsionis proceeds to blow your face off on both keyboards and guitar over the
seventeen neo-classical and progressive instrumental tracks. His music features inspired melodies along with dreamy solos
and oriental dances - all in a progressive/fusion "out-in-space" mood. Katsionis is known as THE keyboard player in Greece,
but his facility on guitar will interest fans of the Guitar Nine site - this guy rocks with the best of them.
He's also got no problem pumping blazing keyboard runs through a wah-wah pedal,
which adds an even more guitaristic feeling to the proceedings.
Turn Of My Century - get it while it's hot! Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Neo-Classical Metal/Progressive),
total running time, 58:06


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Lanvall - Melolydian Garden

Lanvall - Melolydian Garden

Guitarist/composer Lanvall's (guitarist and main composer of the prog-metal band Edenbridge) 1994 all-instrumental solo debut, which finds him delivering melodic prog rock with symphonic leanings (featuring instrumentation such as flute, piano, keyboards, as well as guitar) that will definitely appeal to fans of the mellow side of Steve Hackett and Mike Oldfield. Together with Ulbi Ulbricht (bass) and Thomas Schaufler (drums), he offers the listener atmospheric and romantic music - painting with music. The title track impresses with its dominant clean guitar parts, while "Euphoria" recalls Malmsteen's "Rising Force". "Memory Lane" stands out with its melodic content, and "Sensitive" would surely rank as one of the album's high points. Two tracks are orchestral, with no guitar - "My Kingdom, My World" and "The Endless Trail Of Tears".

01. Ageless Beauty
02. Melolydian Garden
03. Euphoria
04. Memory Lane
05. The Fountain Of Hope
06. Turn Loose The Swans
07. Sensitive
08. Sister
09. My Kingdom, My World
10. The Shores Of The Shimmering Sea
11. The Endless Trail Of Tears

- Lanvall / Guitars, Paino and Keyboards
- Ulbi Ulbricht / Bass
- Thomas Schaufler / Drums



Repost A Guitar Odyssey - A Tribute To Yngwie Malmsteen

MP3 128 Kbps only | April 17, 2001| Label: Dwell Records |
Genre: Metal| Styles: Neo-classical

Big Foot - Chris Amott
2. Too Young To Die Too Drunk To Live - Stormwind
3. Hiroshima Mon Amour - Wicked Ways
4. Icarus Dream Suite - Treasure Land
5. Little Savage - Firewind
6. Disciples Of Hell - Mayadome
7. I'm A Viking - Pathos
8. Anguish And Fear - Destiny
9. Fire - Daniel L. Dalley & Power
10. Dark Ages - Carljohan Grimmark Of Narnia
11. Rising Force - Energy
12. Bedroom Eyes - Mike Chlasciak
13. Yngwie 2000 - Mattias "IA" Eklundh


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Fabrizio Chiruzzi - Gates Of Doom

Italian guitarist Fabrizio Chiruzzi's debut album, Gates Of Doom, is an all instrumental blend of melody and shred. He has the ability to shred over nothing-less-than-six-minute rock ballads using every possible technique, playing as fast as he can, mixing his impressively powerful performance in New Age oriented tracks. His melodies range from rock to metal, including many influences (fusion, jazz, country, blues and flamenco). GuitarMania.com even stated, "This young guitarist paints beautiful landscapes with his music, utilizing his considerable mastery of guitar technique and compositional structure. His use of tonal variations is unique and very evident throughout all the tracks. Everything is here - from full on shred to soaring exotic textures. Highlights include the songs "Gates of Doom with it's majestic riff and very cool speed of light soloing and the chimey "Blue Tears".This is an absolute jem of a first release - Fabrizio is a guitarist, composer to watch out for. " Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Shred/Progressive), total running time, 42:49


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Bob Katsionis - Imaginary Force

Greek keyboardist/guitarist Bob Katsionis is back with his second CD (following 2002's "Turn Of My Century"), an instrumental virtuoso progressive/neoclassical/metal album with amazing keyboards and guitars, entitled Imaginary Force. The tempos are fast and furious as Katsionis' mega rhythms and blazing guitar work are almost upstaged by his ultra-frightening keyboard solos, amazingly phrased like a guitar (even through a wah-wah). Katsionis is the number one keyboard player on the Greek metal scene and is constantly touring and recording with various acts, such as Firewind with which he recently toured Japan and got discovered by EMI Japan. Imaginary Force features twelve instrumental tracks where you'll be able to pick up bit of Katsionis' influences - everyone from Dream Theater and Stratovarius to Messhugah (even Greek traditional dances!) Alex Flouros (Fragile Vastness) and Greek neo-classical shredder Theodore Ziras also contributed one magnificent guitar solo each. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Neo-Classical Metal/Progressive), total running time, 50:06


German Schauss - The Lightspeeder

Mind-blowingly fast sweeps. Complex, classically influenced progressions. Odd, even and fractional meters. Shredded, corpse-chopping, speed picking. A head-splittingly large number of notes! All this and more can be heard on German Schauss' CD The Lightspeeder, a collection of seven neo-classical progressive instrumentals designed to shock, awe and make you soil your drawers. You'll feel as if you're traveling at 420 MPH through a tunnel on a motorcycle as you hear the notes whizzing by your ears, made possible by Schauss' total technical mastery of his instrument. Standout tracks include "Chasing The Dragon" and "The Final Showdown". Speed freaks have another potential hero coming their way. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Shred/Neo-Classical Metal), total running time, 41:51


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Otis Taylor - 2007 - Blues, Definition Of a Circle

Artist: Otis Taylor
Album: Blues, Definition Of a Circle
File size: 82MB
Bitrate: VBR

Otis Taylor, the Denver-based guitarist and vocalist, has a well-earned reputation for creating a
distinctive, dark style of blues. His latest album Definitions of a Circle continues to press forward
with novel arrangements, unusual subject matter, and compositions that break out of the traditional
12-bar form. It is a fine mix of original music filled with compelling performances, as well as a
few frustrating moments.

Track list

01. Little Betty
02. Black's Mandolin Boogie
03. Looking Over Your Fence
04. They Wore Blue
05. Few Feet Away
06. Something In Your Back Pocket
07. My Name Is General Jackson
08. Love And Hesitation
09. Maharaja Daughter
10. Long Long Life
11. Mexican Cowboy
12. Lifetime Of Freedom


Password : dr#softie

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Various Artists - "Guitar Legends"

Artist: Various Artists
CD title: "Guitar LegendS"
Released date: November 2004
Label: Capital Gold
Genre: Rock, pop, blues, jazz
Type: MP3 format sound
Quality: 192(cbr) Kbit
Channels: 44Khz, j.stereo
Total size: ~ 210 mb
Info: Set covers

Disc One
01 Queen - Now I'm Here
02 Derek & The Dominos - Layla
03 Run-DMC feat. Aerosmith - Walk This Way
04 Rainbow - Since You Been Gone
05 Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water
06 Status Quo - Whatever You Want
07 Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love
08 Motorhead - Ace Of Spades
09 Love Sculpture - Sabre Dance
10 Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues
11 Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode
12 The Kinks - You Really Got Me
13 The Yardbirds - Happening Ten Years Time Ago
14 Muddy Waters - You Need Love
15 Howlin' Wolf - Killing Floor
16 Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
17 Bachman-Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
18 The Steve Miller Band - Jet Airliner
19 Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
20 Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way
21 Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way
Duration: : 1:15:08

Disc Two
01 The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica
02 Thin Lizzy - Whisky In The Jar
03 Boston - More Than A Feeling
04 Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues
05 Santana - Black Magic Woman
06 JJ Cale - Cocaine
07 John Lee Hooker with Carlos Santana - Chill Out (Things Gonna Change)
08 B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone
09 Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy
10 Bonnie Raitt - Thing Called Love
11 John Mayall & The Bluebreakers with Eric Clapton - I'm Your Witchdoctor
12 Elmore James - Dust My Blues
13 Jeff Beck - I Ain't Superstitious
14 Robert Cray Band - Smoking Gun
15 Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin' All Over
16 The Shadows - Wonderful Land
17 Justin Hayward & John Lodge - Blue Guitar
18 Fleetwood Mac - Need Your Love So Bad
19 Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams
20 Nick Drake - Time Has Told Me
Duration: 1:17:07


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Dimitar Nalbantov - Universe (2006)

Universe was originally conceived by Bulgarian guitarist Dimitar Nalbantov in 2004, as a totally solo project. It developed into much more, as Dimitar gained the support of four others over the next two and a half years. The evolution began when Dimitar met John Mayes online, in the Spring of 2004. John, a fan of melodic rock guitar music, became an instant fan of Dimitar's music and the two quickly became good friends. Dimitar shared with John, his vision for Universe - an album which musically represented his feelings and views of the world around and beyond him. Dimitar received John's pledge of full support for the project. Session drummer John Wooten provided drum tracks for nine songs, the CD was mixed by Dimitar with assistance from Peter Konstantinov and mastered by Fc Bester. Fans of Nalbantov's influences (Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai) need to check out this heavyweight release. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock/Shred), total running time, 48:16


Joe Satriani - Left hand Legato

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Jeff Beck - Guitar Shop

Guitar Shop represents guitar hero Jeff Beck's return to the scene following his 1985 pop/rock-based recording, Flash; an outing that featured his one time lead vocalist, Rod Stewart. Essentially, this 1989 release provides Beck's ardent admirers with a power-packed outing, brimming with memorable melodies, drummer Terry Bozzio's often blistering rock drumming, and keyboardist Tony Hymas' effective synth textures. Here, Beck surges onward in altogether stunning fashion via his quirky lead lines, sweet-tempered slide guitar work, disfigured extended notes and deterministic mode of execution. With "Behind the Veil," the band delves into a reggae groove, featuring Beck's lower register thematic statements and well-placed notes. Otherwise, the ensemble tackles the blues and hard rock motifs amid Beck's crunching chord clusters, animated lines, and soaring heavenward soloing on the lovely and somewhat ethereal ballad titled "Two Rivers." Simply put, this is a wonderfully produced effort and a significant entry into the artist's extensive recorded legacy.

1 Guitar Shop
2 Savoy
3 Behind the Veil
4 Big Block
5 Where Were You
6 Stand on It
7 Day in the House
8 Two Rivers
9 Sling Shot

David Lee Roth Eat Em And Smile Full Japan (steve vai)

Jennifer Batten - Two Hand Rock Book

Rusty Cooley - The Art Of Picking

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Malmsteen-Rising Force ( tab book )

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Savatage is a progressive heavy metal band founded by the brothers Jon and Criss Oliva in 1979. The band is known for recording many concept albums. Although they were known mainly as a progressive metal band, their origins could be attributed to classic heavy metal and power metal, as expressed by their debut album, Sirens. The band has been inactive since the release of its last album in 2001, and have not performed live together since 2002, instead concentrating on their more commercially successful side-project, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Sirens 1983


Fight for the Rock 1986

Edge of Thorns 1993

Savatage - Live Devastation 1990

Parte 1:

Parte 2:

Savatage - Cincinnati, Oh 16.12.1991 „CINCINNATI KIDS“

Date: 12/16/91 „CINCINNATI KIDS“
Location: Cincinnati, Oh
Format: 2 CDR
Time: 85min
Grade: B+

Set List: Hall Of The Mountain King, Power Of The Night, Of Rage And War, She's In
Love, Streets, Jesus Saves, Tonight He Grins Again, Strange Reality, The Dungeons Are
Calling, Sirens, Agony And Ecstasy, Hounds, Strange Wings, Gutter Ballet, Somewhere In
Time, Believe, Mentally Yours

Japan live 1994

Tributo a Criss Oliva video

Creditos a Darass

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